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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sayang kamu

Tanggal 17 January 2013 was my last birthday celebration in TWOseries years old...after this no more... T_T *You're getting older and older umi. Remember that!

1 sayang + 2 cinta hati = SAYANG CINTA HATI UMI
....but why i always feel younger and younger. Ahaks! 

BTW, this entry is actually created for my lovely and lovely charming husband. Thank you for belanja me at the PRESSROOM. Sedap sangat! And also thank you for the birthday gift. Gift mane?? tu..tu..nampak tak?? SONY tuh la... heeee... Sweet sangat. He said, i always merungut HP tak canggih. Kerja involve mende high-tech gini tapi sendiri tak canggih manggih. Develop mobile app pun asyik testing kat hp orang. And finally. With this hp, i seems use this memang betul2 byk untuk kerja. Appreciate sangat.

Thank you sayang.

*Wutever happen...umi sayang baba sangat sangat*

(mode: KARAT)



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